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The Catalan Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Research (CAHTA) was created in 1994. CAHTA is a non-profit public agency affiliated to the Catalan Health Service. The mission of the CAHTA is currently to promote the production and utilisation of scientific knowledge to improve the prevention of diseases, and to improve the health and quality of life of the Catalan population. This mission involves two objectives:

  • A. To encourage the introduction, adoption, diffusion and utilisation of health technologies according to proven scientific criteria of efficacy, safety, effectiveness and efficiency, while promoting the needs assessment and equity analysis in the delivery and financing of health care services.
  • B. To promote research oriented to the health and health care services needs of the population, and also to the knowledge needs of the health care system itself. 

CAHTA’s activities take place, both by own initiative or upon external request, within the Catalan Department of Health, the Catalan Health Service, public and private health centres and other health administrations and organizations, among other sectors, all of them related to HT assessment and research. The development of these working lines is focused on the realisation of different products, services and other activities, and on the dissemination, by different methods, of the results of CAHTA’s works.





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