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The KIDSCREEN Project was carried out by the 'Institute of Mother and Child' in Warsaw. Since 2007, its further implementation was taken over by the 'Department of Child and Adolescent Health'.

The department deals with the standardisation and the monitoring of preventive health care for children and young people. The research programmes analyse the health conditions, the lifestyle as well as the health behaviour of this age group in the context of psychosocial determinants. The construction and cultural adaptation of the tools for measuring health and living conditions has been the focus of interest of the department. Its staff has been collaborating with national and international centres dealing with similar topics and, alongside other activities, coordinating cyclical international research on health behaviour of school youth (HBSC - Health Behaviour of School-aged Children).





Joanna Mazur

Department of Humanization in Medicine and Sexology Institute of Health Science University of Zielona Góra Collegium Medicum (UZ)

UI. Energetyków 2

65-729 Zielona Góra



E-Mail: joanna.mazur@hbsc.org / j.mazur@cm.uz.zgora.pl


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