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The Unit for Health Research is part of the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (Medical Faculty, University of Bern). The centre takes responsibility for all the statistical analysis and the statistical analysis-plan in the different work-packages. Therefore the centre is given a statistican for the first 2 years of the project so that scientific statistical planning for all the project-phases can be guaranteed. The statistical expertise involves advice for all the countries in designing their own data-banks and conducting the variables and labelling of the variables. The centre provides a statistical analysis-plan to analyse all the collected data during the focus-group work, the pilot-study and the national representative mail surveys. Together with the co-ordination centre it is also responsible for the drawing of the national representative samples together with the subcontractor. The Swiss centre is responsible wherever national data analysis is necessary.





Thomas Abel

Unit for Health Research

Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine

University of Bern

Niesenweg 6

CH-3012 Bern



Phone: +41 31 631 34 28

Fax: +41-31-631-3430



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