Health-Related Quality of Life Questionnaire for Children and Adolescents aged from 8 to 18 years


The KIDSCREEN instruments assess children’s and adolescents’ subjective health and well-being. They were developed as self-report measures applicable for healthy and chronically ill children and adolescents aged from 8 to 18 years. As a result of their simultaneous development in 13 European countries, the KIDSCREEN instruments are truly cross-national HRQoL measures.

    • allows detailed profile information for ten HRQoL dimensions,
    • requires 15-20 minutes to be filled in.
    • items derived from the 52-item version,
    • allows detailed profile information for five HRQoL dimensions,
    • requires 10-15 minutes to be filled in.
  • KIDSCREEN-10 Index
    • items derived from 27-item version,
    • global HRQoL score for monitoring and screening uses,
    • requires 5 minutes to be filled in.

The KIDSCREEN instruments are available in child and adolescent as well as parent / proxy versions and have been translated and adapted for use in several languages. A score can be calculated and t-values and percentages will be available for each country stratified by age and gender.

KIDSCREEN instruments_description_Englis
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