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The Edinburgh centre has been intensively involved in the development
of the WHO-Qol-questionnaire and is experienced in cross cultural construction and validation of instruments. The special expertise of the Edinburgh centre is in using the results of the focus group-work to develop the draft version of the pilot questionnaire instrument and to take a leading role in the literature review while staying in contact with the other countries and collecting the nation-wide review results. While the centre has a large statistical expertise it also takes a leadership in the final European analysis and the provision of final results. It gives input in comparing and analysing the different national data-sets psychometrically on item-level and non scale-level (reliability and validity).



Mick Power

Professor and Director of Clinical Psychology Programmes

National University of Singapore


Phone: +65 6516 6415

Email: psypmj@nus.edu.sg

Website: www.nus.edu.sg


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