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TNO Quality of Life, Business Unit Child Health, Prevention and Physical Activity has large experience in instrument development itself and in quality of life, chronic illness in children, monitoring, health promotion and prevention. It took a leading role in the instrument development and helped to provide the pilot questionnaire (draft version English) together with the centre in the United Kingdom. Since the centre has already conducted representative quality of life surveys in the Netherlands, it took a leading role together with the German participating centre in organizing the national representative mail survey in the different countries. After that it supported the statistical analysis in each country together with the centre in France, Germany, Sweden. Leading the several work packages, the centre has given the expertise in several work-shops and during telephone conferences, so that the other countries could take over the existing knowledge.





Symone Detmar

TNO Quality of Life

Prevention and Health

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2301 CE Leiden

The Netherlands


Phone: +31-71-518-1832

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Email: symone.detmar@tno.nl


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