Terms of Use & Copyright


Please note: Since the KIDSCREEN is now fully open-access, it is no longer necessary to fill out a collaboration form in order to use the KIDSCREEN instruments.


The KIDSCREEN Group holds the copyright to all KIDSCREEN questionnaires and their translations: KIDSCREEN-52, KIDSCREEN-27, and KIDSCREEN-10 Index as child, adolescent, and parent/proxy questionnaires and in all existing and future language versions.


Any kind of modification, summary, omission, extension, etc. of the KIDSCREEN questionnaires should be refrained from to ensure comparability of results across studies and research groups. This includes changes in the wording and organization of the questionnaire items and the accompanying text. Official translations  are only possible in close cooperation with the KIDSCREEN group.


The KIDSCREEN questionnaires may only be reproduced within the permitted scope. Commercial use, distribution or transfer to third parties (sale, rental, licensing) of the KIDSCREEN questionnaires is not permitted. The KIDSCREEN group reserves the right to take legal action in such cases.


Publications that publish results obtained with the help of the KIDSCREEN questionnaires should refer to the following sources:

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