Examples of the KIDSCREEN-52 health questionnaire for children and young people


Examples for dimension


Physical Well-Being Dimension
Have you felt fit and well?
Have you been physically active (e.g. running, climbing, biking)?


Psychological Well-Being Dimension
Has your life been enjoyable?
Have you felt satisfied with your life?


Moods and Emotions Dimension
Have you felt that you do everything badly?
Have you felt under pressure?


Self-Perception Dimension
Have you been happy with the way you are?
Have you felt jealous of the way other girls and boys look?


Autonomy Dimension
Have you had enough time for yourself?
Have you been able to choose what to do in your free time?


Parent Relations and Home Life Dimension
Have your parent(s) had enough time for you?
Have you been able talk to your parent(s) when you wanted to?


Financial Resources Dimension
Have you had enough money to do the same things as your friends?
Have you had enough money for your expenses?


Social Support and Peers Dimension
Have you had fun with your friends?
Have you been able to rely on your friends?


School Environment Dimension
Have you enjoyed going to school?
Have you got along well with your teachers?


Social Acceptance (Bullying) Dimension
Have you been afraid of other girls and boys?
Have other girls and boys made fun of you?