The three different KIDSCREEN versions can be administrated in hospitals, medical establishments and schools by professionals in the fields of public health, epidemiology, and medicine. It is applicable for healthy and chronically ill children and adolescents from 8 to 18 years and can be completed by the children themselves. A proxy measure for parents or primary care-givers who have day to day involvement with the child in question is also available.


Way of Administration


The questionnaires can be completed in person at home, in a classroom and in other settings. The KIDSCREEN instrument can also be administrated by telephone, face-to-face interviews or mailed questionnaires. A computer-assisted version for children and adolescents is also available.


Technical Issues


For researchers who decide to use the KIDSCREEN instrument or to include it in their study the subsequent requirements should be followed:

  • It is advised to use the complete KIDSCREEN instrument (KIDSCREEN- 52, KIDSCREEN-27, or KIDSCREEN-10 Index) as opposed to selecting specific items.
  • If the KIDSCREEN instrument is used in a study, the items should appear in the same order as in the manual.
  • The exact wording for items should be retained.
  • The answer categories must contain the same wording and number of answer boxes. Larger answer boxes could be used for younger children.
  • A similar lay-out of the questionnaire should be used (for example use 12 pt font)
  • Additional graphics should not be included

The national reference data of the manual is not applicable if these guidelines are not adhered to.