One of the main points in making this section is going to be the setting and diffusion of standardized paragraphs and figures, tables etc. to avoid mistakes and omissions.


How to do the group citation?


We strongly recommend, unless it’s strictly against the journal’s policy, to place the list of KIDSCREEN members on the front page, below the details of the main authors.


Standardized Mention of Kidscreen Source of Support:


Source of support: The KIDSCREEN project was financed by a grant from the European Commission (QLG-CT-2000-00751) within the EC 5th Framework-Programme “Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources”.


Standardized Mention of KIDSCREEN Group Members:


Authors: xxx(1); xxx(2); xxx(3); xxx(4); and the KIDSCREEN group(5).
(1) …
(2) …
(5) Members of the KIDSCREEN group are: Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer (National Coordinator In Chief), Angela Gosch, Michael Erhart, Ursula von Rueden, Jennifer Nickel, Bärbel-Maria Kurth (Germany); Wolfgang Duer, Kristina Fuerth (Austria); Ladislav Czemy (Czech Republic); Pascal Auquier, Marie-Claude Simeoni, Stephane Robitail (France); Yannis Tountas, Christina Dimitrakakis (Greece); Agnes Czimbalmos, Anna Aszmann (Hungary); Jean Kilroe, Celia Keenaghan (Ireland); Jeanet Bruil, Symone Detmar, Eric Verrips (The Netherlands); Joanna Mazur, Ewa Mierzejewska (Poland); Mick Power, Clare Atherton, Katy Phillips (United Kingdom); Luis Rajmil, Silvina Berra, Cristian Tebé, Michael Herdman, Jordi Alonso (Spain); Curt Hagquist (Sweden); Thomas Abel, Bernhard Cloetta, Corinna Bisegger, Claudia Farley (Switzerland); Jacob Bjorner, Stef van Buuren, Michael Rigby, Alan Tennant, John Ware and Elizabeth Waters (Advisory Board).


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