Performing new translations

Since KIDSCREEN is protected by copyright, users are not allowed to modify translations without permission.


Translation procedure
Generally, the translation of KIDSCREEN into a new language includes a forward-backward translation procedure and a validation process that should both be carried out in close collaboration with the KIDSCREEN group. Therefore users are asked to join the KIDSCREEN project as an associated partner and fill in the registration form (see "Conditions of Use" in the left menu bar).


To make it easier for you to estimate the time and resources you will need for the translation and validation procedure, we provide the translation guidelines (see download box below) that were developed to fit the KIDSCREEN specificities.  


Funding by Companies
If a company sponsors the translation of the KIDSCREEN questionnaires into one or more languages, the company will be exonerated from the access right costs for the particular study for which they finance the translation(s). For any future trial the cost for using the sponsored versions would be free. However, the access right plus the cost for all other translations and the original English version would remain unchanged (see “Conditions of Use”).


The KIDSCREEN Group owns the copyright on any new translation.

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