Conditions of Use

The KIDSCREEN instruments and translations are protected by copyright with all rights reserved to the KIDSCREEN Group.


The conditions for the use of the KIDSCREEN instruments and translations are described in detail in the KIDSCREEN Collaboration Form. Researchers and other potential users interested in using and/or translating one of the KIDSCREEN instruments are asked to complete this Collaboration Form, sign it and send it back to us per post, email or fax.


After receiving your signed Collaboration Form, we will send username and password for our website to you immediately. It allows you to join the members area and obtain the requested material, e.g. the KIDSCREEN questionnaires and other useful information.



The KIDSCREEN group holds the copyright for all KIDSCREEN instruments: KIDSCREEN-52, KIDSCREEN-27 and KIDSCREEN-10 Index as child and adolescent version as well as parent/proxy version.


Any form of modification, condensation, adaption, recast or transformation of the KIDSCREEN instruments in any manner or form is prohibited without the prior written agreenebt of the KIDSCREEN group. This includes but is not limited to any minor or significant change in wordings or organisation in the KIDSCREEN questionnaires. Researchers interested in using one of the KIDSCREEN instruments shall not translate KIDSCREEN without the prior written agreement of the KIDSCREEN Group.


The KIDSCREEN instruments shall not be reproduced except for the limited purpose of generating sufficient copies for use in registered investigations and shall in no event be distributed to third parties by sale, rental, lease, lending, or any others means. The KIDSCREEN Group will decide whether or not to institute legal proceedings against the infringing party.


In case of publication of study results, the potential user shall cite:


Ravens-Sieberer, U., Herdman, M., Devine, J., Otto, C., Bullinger, M., Rose, M., & Klasen, F. (2014). The European KIDSCREEN approach to measure quality of life and well-being in children: Development, current application, and future advances. Quality of Life Research, 23(3), 791-803. doi:10.1007/s11136-013-0428-3 


Ravens-Sieberer, U., Gosch, A., Rajmil, L., Erhart, M., Bruil, J., Duer, W., Auquier, P., Power, M., Abel, T., Czemy, L., Mazur, J., Czimbalmos, A., Tountas, Y., Hagquist, C., Kilroe, J. and the European KIDSCREEN Group. (2005). KIDSCREEN-52 quality-of-life measure for children and adolescents. Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research, 5 (3), 353-364.


The KIDSCREEN Group Europe. (2006). The KIDSCREEN Questionnaires - Quality of life questionnaires for children and adolescents. Handbook. Lengerich: Pabst Science Publishers.